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She moved and all of a sudden was hit by all sorts of stimuli. Hairy studs naked. Naruto saw the jewel flash for a quick second before he again saw her begin to close her eyes and figured this would be the best time to do it.

Naruto licked some of her release of off them before he placed them under her mouth. The light soon began to fade from the necklace and the woman soon closed her eyes. Kurenai yuhi naked. His answer came in the form of a purple clothed blond as he spotted her walking across the street with a rather big looking flower. Although he never worked with her before, he would always hear about how much of an anti-pervert she was, especially against guys, from Kiba and even Shino a couple of times.

She didn't know what it was only that she wanted more and more of his dick, only his no one else made her desire it this much before. His hand then moved towards her butt, he rested it on her cheek for a second before he raised it and brought it down. She truly found herself loving the idea of being his pet yet she didn't even know why. Then he wouldn't have to deal with any of these foolish thins anymore once that happened, he would be much happier with his life.

Hinata is kissing Kiba while holding each other close while Hanabi holds Naruto in her lap making him watch while her big breast press up against his back while she rubs his dick with a smirk on her face with Naruto watching with embrassment.

Kurenai opened her eyes and looked down at the young boy. Which was something she didn't like because she wanted to stay on his lap longer in order to be given a long good reward from him. Nude girls of kenya. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. She looked back up at him with her crimson eyes showing so much lust in them. I should be the one asking you why you are here in my training area.

He took a peek just to see who it was inside his training area this place was somewhere only he had known so he started to question if this person was even from Konoha. Nothing, not even a burst of wind was left behind as the man disappeared. Even so I won't agree to anything till you tell me what the hell happened to you.

Sakura sucking the breasts of Chouchou. I know you're not going to just leave your Master here to take care of this myself. Kurenai smiled then looked down realizing their state of dress.

There was Tsunade, wearing only a green silk robe that barely contained her DD sized breasts, lying on the bed, in which when she saw Jiraya come in, the blonde got on her knees on the bed, put her arms behind her head to show off her bust, and asked.

Naruto nodded and moved in between her legs ready to repay her for how good she had made him feel earlier. A place practically every man would die to be in. Don't tell me you forget so easily now.

However Naruto quickly noticed something was wrong with the woman. Soon he had grown to his full length in her hands and Kurenai looked at him amazed at what she had discovered. Free ivf for lesbian couples. It was something he would forbid which was why he had kept it a secret from him. She was a fair-skinned woman with curves all around her build, and in the perfect places.

Seeing her do this made Naruto rethink his position. Her tongue moved to flick out against the tip in order to taste him.

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I'm not going speak while you are still in the water like that. 3 some naked. That had been the start of one of many rounds that happened with the two of them.

More and more cum began flowing out of his cock, and Kurenai made sure to swallow all of it, as well as making sure to keep eye contact with Naruto the whole time so he could see her enjoy swallowing every mouth full he gave her. He just kept his smirk and he walked to the start of the water. Naruto looked over at her body and moved up before he kissed her neck slowly.

He looked down at the tent he was pitching and immediately said, "Look at what you've done slut. She still couldn't believe that she was his new pet and that she was owned by someone in every single meaning of the world. Shizune was also excited to see how Naruto and Sakura were doing as she let out a little giggle as her mind went to some more perverted ideas.

His eyes could see the shock look come across her face right before she looked away. Powered by Fiction Portal 2. Her mind was going blank with pleasure and then she saw a white light. Kurenai yuhi naked. He didn't want his teammates or the villagers to see just what he was doing, he had many plans he wanted no one to find out about. Mega tits free. Naruto however thought he should change it up. Even though I can bend people to my will, I'm still able to tell that they don't want to do it willingly.

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Kurenai felt the first shot hit the back of her throat and pulled back to allow the rest of his seed into her mouth so she could taste him.

Hinata is kissing Kiba while holding each other close while Hanabi holds Naruto in her lap making him watch while her big breast press up against his back while she rubs his dick with a smirk on her face with Naruto watching with embrassment.

Naruto on the other hand, was afraid that Kurenai would soon run out of air, so began to go even faster so to make his release come quicker. She turned and sat down on the edge then gently spread her legs open allowing Naruto to see her fully. Follow the updates at:. Naruto breathing hard stared silently as the woman reached to her own shirt and pulled off her top part of her dress undoing the bandages and removing her chainmail shirt revealing her bare chest to the boy.

With that out of the way I hope everyone will enjoy this story. Around her neck was a black cloth choker and she had two black ribbons in her hair. Naruto moaned as the goddess that was Kurenai continued the kiss while stroking him up and down with her hand.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Natural tits threesome. She wore make-up consisting of red lipstick and purple eye shadow. Hinata, Sakura door only bras Hinata door: That feels so good!

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Images, coding, and any other potentially liftable content may not be used without express written permission from their respective creator s. Nude and sexy girls. She just looked at him yet his blue eyes just seem so very cold to him, no longer that happy idiot self she used to see in the past. She didn't like the fact that she had to watch it each time that he had slept with her daughter. Urban decay naked eyes palette matte Naruto continued pumping his fingers in and out of her, loving the feeling of his slaves wet and tight walls around his fingers.

As she was about to answer him again, she felt his hand come back down again with another SLAP and her moaning out "I love it when you finger fuck my pussy Master. She had thought back to all that had happened and the fact that she belonged to him and only belonged to him alone.

Naruto couldn't believe what he was seeing and once again thought back to his research on the female body he had done to learn how to properly pull off his sexy Jutsu. Kurenai cums on Hinata, who has cum on her face, in her mouth, on those big breasts, that hair. At the same time, Hinata thrusts two fingers into Kurenai's pussy, while Hanabi fiddles with one of Hinata's big tits, and the two sisters have their other hand in their panties to masturbate their pussy.

Thank you for liking this story so much from the feedback and pm about this story it seems to be a very big hit. Naruto quickly got rid of her clothes and he showed her just how much she belonged to him. She had only experienced the feel of him once, but was already addicted to him and didn't want to let him go, no matter what.

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