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Nude silver rounds

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As a collector of the "un"collectable I will opin you should NOT obscure the strategic portions of the coin - you will lose a lot of potential interest in the piece.

These were originally made to sell to truckers from an adult book store located next to a truck stop back in the s and were purchased for resale by the thousands by enterprising truckers who knew where to get them and carried them all over the country and sold them to other truckers.

Solid pink Lens Type: I would like to link silver rounds together in a chain and put around my wife's waist for a nude shoot. Hot naked sex in bed. They had issues made for February and March and then discontinued the project due to a change in ownership, who preferred to avoid adult theme items and began phasing them out. Nude silver rounds. Please note that due to the limited number of domed capsules we had, the coins with the domed-finish are only available in the complete sets with or without the case.

The first version is the standard silver-clad token offered by itself. Each coin in the set is a one-ounce pure silver strike that measures 42 mm, which is a bit larger than the old U. The 6th edition of the Archie Kidd silver art bar price guide is much cheaper than the 5th edition price guide but it is not a complete price guide.

Rose, Blush Lens Color: Gold EP Outer Ring. The front referred to as the obverse by coin collectors of both coins features the th Airlift Squadron motif. At present, there are no bids on this item. That year the United States Mint began unveiling new coinage designs to replace the bland Liberty-Head coins minted from through I mean the obverse. Inthe London Mint struck two similar coins for a private company that wanted to repeat the project. Uncensored naked sex. Log in or Sign up.

Nude silver rounds

These were given away in the late s through the early s. Even though it was approved by a joint commission made up of the Treasury Department and the Commission Of Fine Arts, it caused immediate controversy with the wives of government officials in Washington and then with the Society for the Suppression of Vice.

And she has great assets soooo These coins fit perfectly into the older capsules that had the convex domed top but would not fit into the flat-faced Air-Tite capsules that they had to switch over to. Told her I would do it while she was sleeping! Good for you though. Solid Red Lens Type: Guess which ones will be worth the most as time goes on!

I am definitely not in a relationship that would allow that sort of thing. Through their Society for the Suppression of Vice, the guardians of prudery at once began exerting political pressure on the Treasury Department to revoke authorization for these "immoral" coins, and to withdraw them from circulation. Comes In Air-Tite Holder sorry no time to scan it. Created by The London Mint in England, these 37 mm diameter half-ounce medals are made of pure.

Yes, my password is: Here is a look at the entire set. We now have some in stock. The event bars from the s are cool because they depict dated events such as "Streaking" or "Astronauts from Two Ages"

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Share This Page Tweet. Crystal Orange Lens Color: This silver piece is a flawless "cameo" proof-like strike; the backgrounds are perfect reflective "blazing-mirrors" which show up jet-black in scans and the designs are frosty white which, of course show up white in scans.

As a collector of the "un"collectable I will opin you should NOT obscure the strategic portions of the coin - you will lose a lot of potential interest in the piece. Hot full nude sex. Silver As An Investment. Nude silver rounds. Liberty with an exposed right breast! Blue over Yellow Lens Type: If you enjoy owning something truly rare or just want to be the first one on the block to own one - then this is the piece for you!

Join Date Jan Posts 3, Join Date Dec Posts 1, Rimless, Colored Lens, Flat Lens. People like them, relatively easy to sell as straight up bullion. I don't think I"ll ever sell that one. The contrast between the mirror-like backgrounds and designs is stunning! The second option is the standard silver-clad token along with a 24 karat gold plated version housed in a maroon velvet case. These collectors ingots display fully frosted designs known as "cameo" finish against a fully mirror background.

This is arguably the most popular design on the road! She said she'd do it back a while ago. Sexy milf solo video. Can we see the behind I have space flight bars, Corvette bars, film and comic bars, semi nude women bars, holiday bars, event bars and more. Log in or Sign up. Solid Red Lens Type: I like to buy the englehard and JH but have some others that have potential. The crescent shaped area of light bordering the lower rim of the colorized center is a reflection from the scanner glass -- not a defect on the coin.

In Britain, Britannia was pictured nude or nearly so on many coins of the realm for centuries. At present, there are no bids on this item.

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The event bars from the s are cool because they depict dated events such as "Streaking" or "Astronauts from Two Ages" The back of the phone card states that it is of a limited edition of just cards.

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